I am a treasure hunter.
Seeking for moments which make us feel alive

We travel every day hunting for clues, solving puzzles, entering mazes and trying to navigate our way towards the treasure island.

Sometimes we get lost, sometimes it takes a while to solve a puzzle to get our next clue. Naturally we can get frustrated, angry, upset and sad, but one thing is constant - this journey is an adventure. 

We count stars as we go. They are our guide and refuge. We also rest in inquiry and questioning. We fight the noise so we can win simple things in life. 

We are forever restless, but in a good kind of way. This is our journey to counting stars. 

Are you a Treasure Hunter Too? 


This is KAIZEN
[constant change. continuous improvement]

Change is the only constant in our lives. This is a journey to simplifying and finding a connected way of living.

Through a dose of inspirations, the aim is to tune into our inner compass to start creating, observing, dreaming, exploring, romanticising and connecting to the truth, knowledge of self and the universe.

About Us

Gintare Means "Counting Stars" In urdu.

The world is My Bible, My Quran. Literature, Movies, Theatre are my source of air. People are my guides and mirrors. I connect the dots, create collages, draw connections. I'm an advocate. 

Here at ninety86 I share what I feel is beautiful. In all forms. I'm learning how to enjoy just being and accepting that's enough. Currently: on the journey to hit 365 days of #greatful



joining soon... 


joining soon...