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I live a fortunate life. A magical life filled with miracles.

Meeting the founder of Being Kashmiri is proof of that.

I had the pleasure and privilege to spend five days with Danish, exploring the beauty of the Himalayas and meeting some local souls.

Currently, we are in Ladakh, Turtuk the last village in India.
Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir {Gilgit-Baltistan} just 2.2 km away.

It took us approximately two days to reach here by motorcycle. We drove through all types of weather and road conditions passing villages, bridges, and army bases while meeting soulful people and freeing our spirits along the way.

We are at an altitude of 11,000 ft.

It’s 9 pm and we are trying to find constellations in the sky.

And the electricity is turning off at 11 pm.

We spoke about dreams, struggles, passions, why Danish does what he does and how he maintains his never-ending positive energy.

“When a soul is growing in service to a call of humanity that all beings be healed and free, it gathers internal resources to assist on the path” — unknown.

Being Kashmiri and GoKash Adventures is the upcoming world’s greatest travel company.

Kashmir is known as Paradise on Earth, hence India and neighbouring countries are currently fighting to get hold of it. Political tensions in the region have scarred many travel enthusiasts and adventurous souls away from Kashmir, however Danish’s mission is to highlight just the opposite.

He founded Being Kashmiri to highlight the beating heartbeat of this breathtaking piece of the world.

Thanks to Being Kashmiri — I came here to see the paradise myself.

Danish’s company helped me with my travel arrangements from start to finish: arranging the schedule, travel permits, accommodation, meals and bespoken experience as per my wishes. It was a true privilege for me to see Ladakh and Kashmir through the local eyes.This is exactly the authentic experience that I was searching for.

The Character Behind Being Kashmiri

What I like about Danish is his mindset about life: Any roadblocks that come his way — he passes through all of them with ease and grace. I have been very fortunate to get to know a person like him and feel his essence of being kind, caring and, most importantly, a real human being.

Attitude is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Optimism is a choice. Kindness is a choice. Generosity is a choice. Respect is a choice. Danish naturally chooses all of these things every single day.

He sees himself as a normal guy, living a simple life.

I see a guy who is breaking his back to make an impact on the world, to create something honest and ensure that his local community is looked after. I see a guy who is very blessed, but has also earned everything in his life through hard work.

Why do I say so? Here are some examples of what I have observed:

  • Danish loves children and in local villages he never forgets to buy them some pencils and chocolate. He always speaks with every single one of them along the way.

  • He stays true to his commitments. He takes that very seriously and will never get tired to do what he said he would do.

  • He looks after his people and supports local businesses. This is the heartbeat of how he runs his business. He gives unconditionally.

  • He is always full of energy. He never finishes his food or his masala tea, but is always up and ready to listen to some upbeat music and start talking about ideas.

  • A self-made man and a problem solver at his best.

Let’s Start light — What is Your Dream?
Be a ray of light to the people. I want to do some positive work in the communities within villages such as Turtuk. There are so many young children here who might not get the exposure to what’s going on in the rest of the world and I want to improve education, bring in some elements around improvements to this part of the world.

What’s the Vision of Being Kashmiri?
To be the best travel service company in the world. To inspire the world to come and experience Jammu, Kashmir, Ladakh, New Delhi, Agra. There is so much to offer here from being a snowboarding heaven in the winter to white water rafting in the summer. It’s truly beautiful out here.

What does it mean to be a Kashmiri?
We love hospitality. We love to receive people in our homes. Our hearts and souls feel so happy when we receive visitors and they spend some time with us. We are hardworking people and we dedicate a lot of hard work to our craft, such as carpet making, pashmina’s or food. We care and we want to provide the best to others.

If you could remove one of the world’s issues, what would it be?
Boarders. Having witness it first hand what it feels like to live surrounded by army camps and constant boarders, it would be so great to simply remove that so there would be more freedom for people to roam around, more peace.

How do you maintain a positive mind?
It’s all within. I’m a very positive person in nature. I always look for positive thoughts or ideas. I look for ways to be useful and give back while I never say no to things. It keeps me going and fulfils my heart with joy.

What are your values/priorities?
Loyalty. Commitment. Trust.

Most peaceful place you have been to?

What can’t you tolerate in this world?
When people break my trust.

Secret to good health?
Accept the way you are. Avoid stress and be kind to yourself.

Long term relationships — how to maintain and nourish them?
Always give.

What scares you?
Sometimes people and the darkness of Turtuk reminds me of my childhood but only sometimes.

Bucket List item you would love to experience?

Snowboarding, biking, entrepreneurship, music, people, and giving back.

Who inspires you?
People with great hearts and good manners. They inspire me and I learn from them to become a better person.

Whats your spiritual practice?
Prayers. My religion taught me so much about respect, how to be honest, and how to treat others. It keeps me grounded.

Who was your greatest Teacher?
Zahida Parveen: My mentor within travel industry who taught me so much about what I do. In general, people inspire me every day. They teach me different things. I feel that I’m constantly learning and the most precious thing that I have is experience.

Sun or Moon? Moon
Spring or Autumn? Spring
Love or Loyalty? Loyalty

What advice would you give to people who might struggle with maintaining a positive mindset?
Live each moment.
Make peace with your mind.
Do good deeds.
Make others happy.
Call a friend to talk your worries away.
Spend time with family.
Find a goal and work on it.
Spread happiness.
Share some chocolate.

Where do yo find most beauty?
In the villages.

What are you grateful for?
For the life I’m living.

Gifts that Being Kashmiri gave me:
New appreciation for travelling by bike.

  • The gift of a lifetime journey.

  • A soul that helped my dream come true, that opened me up to meet greatness of the mountains and helped me to reflect upon my role in this world.

  • He showed me what’s required to reach my highest potential: love for hard work, passion for the cause, ability to solve problems, not giving up until solutions are found and just doing it till results start showing. Just like water keeps breaking through the mountains and it becomes a river.

  • They say that you attract the energies you put out into the world. I’m very grateful to have met such positive person who radiates such honesty that I simply can only learn from.

Gifts that I offered to Danish:

  • A stone.

  • Star compilations.

  • Story of Picasso.

  • Title of Mr. Director.

“The more positive energy you share with others, the more positive person you become” — Danish

Let’s spread love. Let’s create beauty.

I’m a Treasure Hunter and Kashmir is a treasure to be discovered.

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“The best way to see Ladakh is by bike — it will move your soul” — Irfran