In Conversation With a Light Designer


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25 May 2018.

  • How do you feed your soul?

  • What gets you excited and feeling full of life?

  • What is the thing that makes you forget about your fears and helps you put on the fire that is sparkling inside of you heart?

This morning I had the blessing to be reunited with Philippe and meet his wonderful girlfriend. They treated me to a homemade breakfast and we chatted about our dreams.

I met Philippe in 2012 where we were part of a programme in Switzerland. He made my heart melt back then during one of the team reflection session that we completed. At the end of the programme we all sat down and the facilitator suggested for us to reflect upon our summer experience. We all had to choose one person who made a difference to us. Philippe chose me. That was one of most special memories that I have of that summer. To be appreciated by someone who I had so much respect for, meant so very much to me.

Today, we spoke about Philippe’s story and what makes him the artist that he is.

Philippe bikes around finding recycled materials to create lamps. He has gone solo recently in order to gently start exploring his vision and create himself as an artist, to share his message with the world.

He is a story teller.

Every peace of his work has a history.

What I also love is that he installs his artwork himself in his client’s homes.

I also love that he is a local artist. He supports the local element of no shipping because it goes against what he wants to tell to the world. It’s about local trash and local homeless in need for employment.

I asked Veronique — What would you love to do?
This sparked something in her. She wants to create cooking classes with local people and connect them to a local cooking community. I loved that idea. Secret dinners and cooking classes that empower minority women.

I’ve been treated to amazing croissants, coffee and received some gifts from this inspiring couple:

A gift that Philippe left me with:

He gave me the gift of a deeper understanding of what I like doing: meeting artists and people who are change this world; and people that are creating beauty and positivity. I’m here to light the fire, to showcase and bring light to places and people that need exposure. Thank you, Philippe, for showing me the light. For sharing the beautiful energy that you have, the beauty that you bring to life!