Love Letter to Lisbon


I have a glamorous life.

In the past 12 months, I have travelled at least once a month, horizontally across the world. It’s a great privilege to be given an opportunity to not only visit some of the most interesting cities in the world but to also have a chance to explore it in quite a unique way.

My current job is to explore, discover and identify the best restaurants, bars, venues, and night time locations that the city has to offer in order for us to share it with the global technology enthusiasts that come to our events. I’ve explored and travelled to 15 different cities in the past year and developed a reputation of a person to go to when it comes to exploring some local spots.

To save some time, I’ve decided to create my personal City Recommendations Guide. It’s the things that I find interesting, unique, special, simplistic, beautiful and memorable. It’s what gives my heart a dash more excited, a dash more awake. So… to begin with, let’s start with LISBON!

L  I  S  B  O  N

I have had the great privilege exploring Lisbon in the past couple of years. I have travelled to the city nearly every month, staying up to 2-4 weeks at times. For me, increasing human experience is what gets me excited.


Recommendations by ninety86


Places to Stay:

Best Coffee Spots:

Experiences / Visits:

  • Secret Roman City under Lisbon – if you are there in September, it’s a must!
  • Restaurant with No Name
  • Cooking Class in LX Factory
  • Do Street Art Tour
  • Panteão Nacional
  • Tram 28
  • Jeronimos Monastery
  • Pastéis de Belém – natas. Yum!
  • Speed Boat Ride with Water X
  • National Sanctuary of Christ the King

Places for Food:

  • Ramiro - seafood that is without comparison
  • Ponto Final
  • Time Out Market – my tradition is to get tuna tartar from one of the stalls there. I just love it.
  • Lost In – great views
  • Topo Chiado – great summer spot
  • O Bica Lisboa
  • Dona Quitéria
  • Locals also suggest: Mercantina, B temple, Tapa Bucho, Brasserie de l’Entrecote
  • For Breakfast - The Mill

Great Bars:

Going out:

  • LUX Night Club
  • Pink Street
  • LX Factory

Local Residense

Laura, Daniel, Sara, Ines,


One tip for traveling

One of the key habits that I have developed when travelling is to stay hydrated. One very important person in my life texts me every single time I travel and wishes me not only a safe journey but also to hydrate. This helped me to develop a habit of drinking 3 litres of water when I’m sightseeing: 1.5 before 1pm and then another 1.5 before 8pm.

Day Trips away from Lisbon


Sintra – Sintra Palace is a must

Ericeira – great spot for surfing. WSR Ericeira

  • Best Coffee: Surf Cafe
  • Best Restaurant: Suf Restaurant
  • Activities: Surfing, Horseriding, Massage, Yoga

Caiscais, go to the restaurant monte Mar by the water – class!


Movie to watch to appreciate Lisbon’s views: